Frequently Asked Questions:

How many rooms are there?
Our mothership Journey Bay as 4 state rooms. One double and one triple occupancy room above deck and two double bunk double occupancy rooms below.  

Do you have wifi?
Yes. Wi-fi is available in the common areas and dining room areas.

Is there cell reception?

Currently there is no cell phone reception on the Journey Bay. However since we have wifi, internet calls are possible. Some guests choose to bring a satellite phone.

Do I need travel insurance?
So many things in life are unpredictable so we always recommend insurance for all our guests. It's a small fee to have your entire trip covered at the time you purchase your airline tickets. Allianz and Travelers provide excellent and affordable policies that cover everything from delayed luggage, trip cancellations, medical and evacuation.

What if someone needs to contact us in an Emergency?
In the event of an emergency, please call our office Toll Free in Panama at +877-512-5955 or via Whatsapp at +507-6679-8083. We also have Sat phones and marine radios on all our boats.


Do we need any vaccinations?
At the present time no vaccines are needed, but it would be best to consult with your physician.


Are there mosquitos or bugs?
Since our mothership is over water, we rarely have an insect problem. Occasionally we may have a termite hatch which will bring flying termites that are attracted to the lights on the boat. This is rare and only happens during the first rains of the year. 

What is the meal schedule?
Coffee is available on the aft deck at 6am. Breakfast can be ready at 6.30am or the time of your choosing. Lunch is provided on your boat daily or on the mothership if you are not out fishing. All meals and their timing are fully customizable.

Do you have laundry service?
Laundry is done everyday by our crew. There is a laundry basket in each room and it is emptied everyday. Your washed and dried clothes will usually be folded and on your bed by the end of the same day.


Is your water safe to drink?

Our water at the lodge is high quality spring water from our own springs on the island and is safe to drink. We also have complimentary bottled water. 

What voltage and power receptacles are available?
Voltage is the same as the United States and Canada: 110V and uses the same 3 pin Type B receptacles.

What is the currency used? 
As with the rest of Panama, we use US dollars.

What should I pack? What clothes do I need?

Panama is in the tropics and is approximately 8 degrees north of the equator. Expect warm balmy temperatures. It rains occasionally so a light raincoat or small umbrella may come in handy when in the city. Some useful things to remember to bring are:

  • Light weight clothing. Shorts and dri-fit clothes work the best here. They keep you cool and they dry off easily. 

  • Good, high quality and high SPF sunblock and remember to use them.

  • Sun sleeves, gaiters, sun gloves, caps, broad rim hats etc.. can be very useful to protect yourself from the equatorial sun.

  • A pair of good non-marking, non-slip sandals or boat shoes.

  • Personal medications and hygiene items.

  • The equatorial sun can be brutal so a good pair of sun glasses are very important.


Do you serve alcohol? 
All soft drinks, water and beer are complimentary and are available at any time. There is always a fully stock cooler on the aft deck. We have an ice machine behind the bar and mixed drinks are available but we do not have a bartender. Wine and some hard liquor is available on request.