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We really appreciate that you stopped by. We love fishing and we love showing off the joys of the place that we call Cebaco Bay. Everyone here shares the same passion. In fact even when we don't have clients all of us still live and breath fishing every day. It's a passion that is shared by everyone that we now call our family. When you come here, you will very quickly be seduced by the same feeling that we have enjoyed for so many years: the satisfying respite from the connected rush and mundanity of everyday existence, the calm and peace that only our Cebaco Bay can offer.

We hope the website gives you enough information about what to expect. The fishing is phenomenal but by design we prefer not to entertain large groups. We feel it detracts from what this place really has to offer. All marine ecosystems are fragile and Cebaco Bay is no exception. Gone are the days of unlimited resources so having small groups and a persistent philosophy of catch and release helps us keep Cebaco Bay the way it is for as long as we possibly can.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank-you again for visiting.

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“You will love the fishing, but it may be the scenery that brings you back. The surrounding islands and coastline are truly unspoiled."

- 27rsimon - Tripadvisor

"...the chef serves his top class cuisine. The fishing here is incredible, it's a sportfishing paradise."


- Tim Rowley - Google Guide

"The fishing crews know their business and we have consistently caught fish both casting, jigging, and trolling."

- Harryhendrick - Tripadvisor

“It was life changing for a person like me who has only done party boat trips before.”


- Laura G. - Tripadvisor

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