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Cebaco Bay is located in one of the least fished regions on the Panama coast. We stumbled on it by accident back in 1989 when traveling back to Panama from Hannibal Bank and loved it so much that we decided to stay and make it our base of operations. Isla Cebaco is situated at the mouth of the largely uninhabited Golfo Montijo and it benefits directly from the extremely remote and fertile mangrove ecosystem that serves as a nursery for many of the species found offshore. Snook, Snapper, Grouper and Corvina are abundant as are forage species like mullet and sardines. Cebaco Bay is so remote that you rarely see any other charter operators or commercial fishermen in the area. Over the last twenty eight years or so we have extensively explored, fished and mapped the area for some really outstanding fishing spots that are known only to our crews. Unlike other charter locations that have to run hours to the fishing grounds, we are only minutes away to some of the best fishing in the area.

We are best known for our phenomenal inshore fishing for bottom and pelagic species and outstanding offshore black marlin fishing. Most of this is right at our doorstep. In fact our favorite Black Marlin hotspot is only a fourteen mile run from the comfort of our mothership. It produces good numbers of bonitos all year round and as a result is a very consistent spot for the big Black Marlin that feed on them. This location is also excellent for jigging and popping other gamefish like Cubera Snappers, Schooling Mullet Snappers, Almaco Jacks, Broomtail Groupers and large marauding schools of Yellowfin Tuna. We have also installed a number of our own FAD's (Fish Attracting Devices) that are now coming into their own and which are consistently producing good numbers of pelagic gamefish for our clients.


Two of our favorite go-to locations are within sight (10 mins ride) from the mothership. At 80' to 120' deep. They consistently produce good numbers of Snappers (Yellowtail, Spot, Red, Cubera), Roosterfish, Jacks, African Pompanos and large Broomtail Groupers. The shallow depths of these reefs are prime light tackle jigging locations for these often large and feisty gamefish. You WILL get a good workout. Additionally the shorelines fringing Cebaco Bay all the way to the infamous Sombrero Rock are prime habitats for large Roosterfish, beautiful Bluefin Trevally and tackle busting Dogtooth Snappers.

In addition to fishing our immediate and mostly private locations, we also fish the areas listed below. 

To preserve our habitat and conserve our fisheries, Cebaco Bay practices Catch and Release whenever possible and we encourage all our clients to always release except when harvesting for immediate consumption.


Our Fishing Destinations

The Hannibal Bank is located far offshore of the coast of Panama in the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered to the east by Coiba Island and to the north by the Gulf of Chiriqui. The waters are extremely deep in this area and the seamount brings upwellings of nutrients that attract huge amounts of fish. The currents in this area bring large schools of big Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphinfish, Sailfish, Wahoo and other Game Fish all year round. Professional Sportfishers highly appreciate Hannibal Bank because of the big number of all kinds of big Marlins you can catch there. Also very popular with smaller sport charters, dive operators and commercial longliners, this high spot amidst 100+ fathom waters produces schools of cow sized tunas that will seriously challenge your tackle and skills. Popular techniques here are lure and live bonito trolling for billfish, trolling live green jacks and sardine chunk bait fishing for big Yellowfin Tuna, popping for feeding schools of Yellowfin and jigging for bottom species like big Groupers, Snappers, African Pompano and Almaco Jacks.


Aguja Reef is just 14 miles from our mothership, "Journey Bay" and our beautiful and privately owned Cebaco Bay. It is one of four Black Marlin hot spots in the Republic of Panama. It is pristine and home to Cubera Snapper, Amberjack, Broomtail Grouper, large schools of Bonita and of course, "El Diablo", the Black Marlin. We stumbled across Aguja Reef back in 1989 on our way to Panama City from a fishing trip to Hannibal Bank. Aguja Reef is very similar to world famous Zane Gray Reef in all respects: holds bait year round; rises to 120 feet from 300 feet of surrounding water and is just five miles from the 100 fathom line. Aguja Reef is sort of a "McDonalds drive thru" for Black Marlin looking for a quick snack as they prowl the coastal waters of Panama's Pacific Coast. Panama Black Marlin hot spots are: Hannibal Bank, Zane Gray Reef, Aguja Reef and Frailes Afuera.


The area around Coiba Island is a national park and therefore highly protected by the ANAM. The coral reefs and the currents make this place to a paradise for big game and deep sea fishing just outside of the protected areas. Kayaking and spear fishing is also a very popular activity in this spot. The islands of Jicaron and the smaller Jicarita just south of Coiba are also premier locations for inshore fishing. The common fish along the steep and dramatic rocky shoreline of these islands are Bluefin Trevally, Barred Pargo, Wahoo, Grouper, Snapper and Rooster fish. The waters further offshore of these islands is a popular hunting ground of large pods of dolphins that are often shadowed by good sized schools of Yellowfin Tuna. You can also find Sailfish and Dolphin fish (Dorado aka Mahi-mahi) as well during certain seasons.


This National Park includes 25 sandy beach Islands surrounded by coral reefs. It is easily accessible from the port of Cebaco by boat. It is also a top fishing spot, especially for in shore fishing with nice views on the wonderful rock formations along the Islands. The common fish are Yellowfin Tuna, Grouper, Snapper and rooster fish. You can also find Sailfish and Dolphin fish a bit more far offshore. It is also a very frequently visited spot by humpback whales and lots of dolphins.


TUNA COAST (Azuero Peninsula)
The Tuna Coast was given its name by the famous fisherman Tony Peña, who was amazed by the schools of Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna that claim their hunting grounds in this particular area. It is a long stretch along the coastline of the Azuero Peninsula, which offers great conditions for sportfishing and deep sea fishing. It starts from Pedasi, in the East, and goes down southwest until Mariato. The fishing there is spectacular all year long, especially the further you go southwest. In Bucaro, Cambutal, and Mariato you can catch Wahoo, Dolphin fish, Bigeye Tuna and the Pacific Sailfish. From January until April there is also a big chance to hook Black and Blue Marlins. Due to its remote location it is still considered a secret spot in Panama. One big advantage of this fishing spot is that the fishing grounds are located only 20 minutes off shore.



Your home when you are here is a converted 110' Gulf oil rig supply vessel that has been completely refitted with comfortable staterooms and a TV lounge, a full galley and a huge party deck replete with an open bar, hammocks and lounge chairs. All within a stone's throw of the beautiful and verdant Cebaco Island. Moored in this sheltered bay, you'll wake to the aroma of our own home grown Panamanian coffee at daybreak and the sounds of hornbills, parrots and howler monkeys in the trees. Because we only cater to one group at a time, you and your group will be the only people on board with a crew that is completely at your beck and call. Have a full breakfast, cast off for a day of fishing or just simply hangout, all this at the time and schedule of your choosing. Experience that sumptuous tired feeling after a day of swimming, diving, or doing battle with the local pelagic inhabitants. Savor that satisfying feeling after a gourmet three course dinner and the gentle rocking of the waves that will lull you to sleep at the end of the day. Do battle, have fun, eat, rest, rejuvenate. We'll take care of everything else.

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Our chef is a master of great cuisine. This guy can really cook up some awesome meals that are sure to impress you, we promise! You certainly will not go hungry while in the culinary care of our world class chef. From steaks to fresh seafood to the most sumptuous desserts. We'll even have freshly prepared sashimi of your catch served every day if desired. Every meal will truly be a surprise in culinary delight. Each day if you choose to be out all day fishing, lunch will be prepared for you which will include a main course or sandwiches, chips, refreshments and refreshing chilled local fruits like pineapples, papayas, watermelons and cantaloups. Of course all meals like our fishing trips are completely customizable to cater for any and most dietary requirements. Just let us know in advance.

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