The Tackle 




At Cebaco Bay, we outfit our boats with only the best equipment. We only use the top models from the leading brands in the industry. Accurate Reels, IRT Reels, Daiwa Saltigas, Shimano Stellas, Twin Powers and Tiagras, custom built trolling rods, Prohunter 'Mafia' and Black Hole 'Cape Cod' popping rods. Lures from Rapala, Nomad Tackle, Prohunter Béitos, GT Chasers, Halco Roostas, Fathom Offshore, Yozuri Sashimi Bulls, Prohunter and ZCraft jigs etc. Just to name a few. All our equipment are serviced annually with fresh quality line from Momoi, Fins Braids and Jerry Brown Spectra. We take our craft seriously and good serviceable equipment is absolutely necessary for ensuring that our clients do not lose the catch of their life time due to faulty tackle. All equipment and lures are included in your charter rate.

You are more than welcome to bring along your favorite gear. Please contact us for recommendations of suitable classes of equipment that are appropriate for fishing in our area.