Accommodations and Cuisine 


Your home when you are here is a converted 110' Gulf oil rig supply vessel that has been completely refitted with comfortable staterooms and a TV lounge, a full galley and a huge party deck replete with an open bar, hammocks and lounge chairs. All within a stone's throw of the beautiful and verdant Cebaco Island. Moored in this sheltered bay, you'll wake to the aroma of our own home grown Panamanian coffee at daybreak and the sounds of hornbills, parrots and howler monkeys in the trees. Because we only cater to one group at a time, you and your group will be the only people on board with a crew that is completely at your beck and call. Have a full breakfast, cast off for a day of fishing or just simply hangout, all this at the time and schedule of your choosing. Experience that sumptuous tired feeling after a day of swimming, diving, or doing battle with the local pelagic inhabitants. Savor that satisfying feeling after a gourmet three course dinner and the gentle rocking of the waves that will lull you to sleep at the end of the day. Do battle, have fun, eat, rest, rejuvenate. We'll take care of everything else.

Our chef is a master of great cuisine. This guy can really cook up some awesome meals that are sure to impress you, we promise! You certainly will not go hungry while in the culinary care of our world class chef. From steaks to fresh seafood to the most sumptuous desserts. We'll even have freshly prepared sashimi of your catch served every day if desired. Every meal will truly be a surprise in culinary delight. Each day if you choose to be out all day fishing, lunch will be prepared for you which will include a main course or sandwiches, chips, refreshments and refreshing chilled local fruits like pineapples, papayas, watermelons and cantaloups. Of course all meals like our fishing trips are completely customizable to cater for any and most dietary requirements. Just let us know if advance.